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感谢信及祝福 1. 我写这封信是为了表达我对你的谢意。

(express my thanks to you) I’m writing to express my thanks to you. 2. 非常感谢你的支持和帮助。

Thank you very much for your support and assistance. 3. 请再次接受我诚挚的谢意。

Please accept my sincere appreciation again. 4. 没有你的帮助,我就不会考上大学。

Without you help, I would not be admitted to a university. 5. 我的英语很差,但是你对我非常耐心而且课后设法辅导我。

My English was poor, but you were very patient with me and tr to tutor me after class. 6. 由于你的鼓舞,我的英语得到了很大的提高。

My English was greatly improved because of your encouragement. 7. 在你的帮助下,我实现了我的梦想。

With the help of you , I realize my dream. 8. 祝你心想事成! May all your wished come true true! 9. 祝你年年有今日,岁岁有今朝。

I wish you many happy returns of the day. 慰问信 1. 听到火灾毁了你的住宅,我难过极了。

(I was so sorry to hear that …) I was so sorry to hear that the fire destroyed your home. 1

2. 请转达我向你家人的慰问。

Please convey my sympathy to your family. 3. 我们感到很悲痛。

We are filled with deep sorrow. 4. 我祝愿你快速康复。

I wish you quick /swift recovery. 5. 很抱歉听到你没有进入中国好声音的决赛。

I was so sorry to hear that you could not enter the finals of The Voice of China. 6. 你做得很好,失败不是你的错误。

You have being done well and your failure is not your own fault. 7. 众所周知,失败是成功之母。

As we all know, failure is the mother of success. 8. 我希望你不要失去信心。

I do hope you won’t lose heart. 9. 通过努力,命运可以改变。

Fate can be changed by working hard. 道歉信 1. 我写这封信是向你致歉。

(make an apology to you) I’m writing to make an apology to you.(for) 2. 十分抱歉地告诉你我不能参加你的讲座。

(I’m terribly sorry to tell you that) I’m terribly sorry to tell you that I won’t be able to attend the lecture. 3. 请原谅我给你带来不便。

(for any inconvenience caused) Please forgive me for any inconvenience caused. 2


Please accept my sincere apology again. 5.错过这次机会,我感到很遗憾。

I feel it a great regret to miss the opportunity. /It is much to my regret that I missed the chance. 6.无论如何,我真心希望我们可以再找一个时间去旅游。

Anyhow, I sincerely hope that we can fix another time for a trip to Beijing. 7.李明说他将要下周末回来,我要去机场接他。

Li Ming said that he would be coming back next weekend, and I will have to pick him up at the airport. 8.我们已经有一年多没见面了。

It has been more than one year since we saw each other last time. 9.上周我向你借了一张音乐光盘,我忘记归还了。

I forgot to return a music CD which I borrowed from you last week. 投诉信 1. 我写这封信是向你投诉手机。

(complain about) I’m writing to complain about the mobile phone. 2. 我写这封信是表达关于糟糕服务的不满。

(express my dissatisfaction about) I’m writing to express my dissatisfaction about the poor service. 3. 你若能尽快采取措施处理这个问题,我将感激不尽。

I would appreciate it very much if you could take measures to deal with the problem as soon as possible. 4.这几年我对你们的服务态度很满意。


I have been satisf with your service for years. 5.上个周六,我去你的餐厅吃午餐。

Last Saturday, I went to your restaurant to have a lunch. 6.有两只在牛肉面里。

There are two flies in beef noodles. 7.所以我请求服务员换另一盘菜。

So I asked the waiter to change another dish. 8.但是他粗鲁地说,他太忙了解决不了问题。

But he said in a rude manner that he was too busy to solve the problem. 9.我真诚地希望你能认真这件事情。

I sincerely hope that you will investigate the matter seriously. 祝贺信 1.我写这封信是为了表达我对你英语演讲比赛获得第一名的祝贺。

(express my congratulations on) I’m writing to express my congratulation on your winning the first place in the English speech contest. 2.我很高兴知道你被大学录取了。

I was very delighted to hear that you are admitted to Peking University. 3 祝贺你高考成功。

(Congratulations on) Congratulations on your success in the National College Entrance Examination. 4. 请接受我最诚挚的祝福! Please accept my most sincere congrtualations! 5. 祝你一切顺利! 4

Wish you all the best! 6. 对你来说,这是一个特殊的时刻、一个高兴的时刻。

This is a special and happy moment for you. 7. 我为你的成就而感到骄傲 I am very proud of your achievement. 8. 我知道你一开始并不擅长汉语。

I know that you were not good at Chinese at first. 9. 我知道你在过去几年里非常努力学习。

I know you have worked very hard in the past years. 求职信 1. 我写这封信是为了申请这份工作/职位。

I’m writing to apply for the job/position. 2. 从你们的广告中得知你们正在招聘一名导游,我对其感兴趣。

(I learned from your advertisement thatyou are in need of a) I learned from your advertisement that you are in need of a tour guide and I’m interested in it. 3. 我相信我是这个职位的最佳人选。

(the right person for the job/position) I am convinced that Iwill be the right person for the job/position. 4. 我相信我胜任这份工作。

(be qualif for) I am convinced that I’m qualif for the job. 5. 我希望我能成为你们公司的一员。

(a member of your company) I hope that I will be accepted as a member of your company. 6. 如果你们能够给我这样的机会,我将十分感激。

(I would really appreciate it) 5

I would really appreciate it if you could give me the opportunity. 7. 你可以用电话联系我,号码是 12345678。

I can be reached by telephone at 12345678. 8. 一旦被录用,我将竭尽所能把工作做好。

(hire, devote oneself to ) Once hired, I will devote myself to the post. 求助信 1.我写信想请您帮我一个忙。

I am writing this letter to ask you to do me a favor/give me a hand. 2.我在学习英语方面遇到困难。

(have difficulty in doing sth.) I’m having difficulty in learning English. 3.我遇到一些困扰我的问题。

(encounter some problems) I’m encountering some problems which trouble me a lot. 4. 面对以上的问题,我渴望得到你的帮助。

(faced with , are anxious to do) Faced with the above problems, I’m anxious to get your help. 5. 你能给予我一些关于如何解决这些问题的建议吗? Could you please offer me some advice on how to solve these problems? 6. 如果你能帮助我,我将感激不尽。

I would appreciate it if you could offer me a hand. 7. 不幸的是,我觉得每晚入睡很困难。

(find it quite difficult to do sth) Unfortunately, I find/feel it quite difficult/hard to fall asleep every night. 6

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