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1 1. 你愿意把你的经验和组里的其他人分享吗?(sharesth with sb) Answer: Would you like to share your experience with the rest of the group? 2. 你父亲如果还健在的话,他会为你骄傲的。

(be proud of) Answer: If your father were still alive, he would be very proud of you. 3. 她开车转弯上了自家的车道 (driveway), 不料发现路已被堵塞 (block)。

(only to) Answer: She turned up the driveway, only to find her way blocked. 4. 他没有告诉任何人就走了, 因为他不想卷入那件事。

(get involved in) Answer: He went away without telling anyone, because he didn’t want to get involved in that matter. 5. 最终, 产品的成功还是取决于高明的销售手段 (marketing)。

(ultimately) Answer: Ultimately, the success of the product depends on good marketing. 1 我发觉自己对英语口语有着浓厚的兴趣。

(find... doing) Answer: I found myself having great interest in spoken English. 2. 驱车行驶在高速公路上,我意识到近几年来,中国的公路系统发生了巨大的变化。

(realize; enormous) Answer: Driving on the expressway, I realized that enormous changes had taken place in China's highway system in recent years. 3. 我简直不敢相信他这么快就学会了操作计算机。

(can hardly believe; work)

Answer: I can hardly believe that he has learned how to work a computer so quickly / in such a short time. 4. 三年的时光已经过去, 这一刻终于来临了: 不到两周我就要回国了。

(in less than) Answer: Three years have passed by and the fi nal moment has come. / After three years, the time has come. In less than two weeks, I will return home / go back to my country. 5. 许多我认识的人都迫不及待地想要出国,而我却宁愿和家人一起呆在国内。

(can't wait) Answer: I know a lot of people who can't wait to go abroad, but I prefer to stay with my family in my own country. 1. 我们急匆匆地赶到火车站,结果发现火车刚刚开走。

(only to) Answer: We hurr to the railway station, only to find the train had just left. 2. 你和你哥哥都不是细心的人,你们两个都不能做这件需要细心和技巧的工作。

(no more than) Answer: You are no more careful than your brother. You two can’ t do the work that needs care and skill. 3. 多一个人参会对会议安排不会有什么影响。

(make a difference) Answer: One more person wouldn’t make any difference to the meeting arrangements. 4. 他一直工作到昨天深夜,或者更确切地说,是到今天凌晨。

(rather) Answer: He worked till late last night, or rather, early in the morning.

5. “还有其他一两本书也值得一提, ” 教授给我们列了一个长长的参考书目后补充说。

(worthy of) Answer:“A couple of other books are also worthy of mention,” added the 2 professor after giving us a long list of reference books. 1. 并不是我不喜欢那个工作, 而是我没有时间去做。

(not that … but that) Answer: Not that I dislike that job, but that I have no time to do it. 2. 成功不是没有惧怕, 而逆境也不是没有希望。

(not ... without) Answer: Success is not without fear, and adversity is not without hope. 3. 如果你就想要一份工作,我可以给你。

(if ... what) Answer: I could get you a job here if that’s what you want. 4. 他们的钱花完了,不得不放弃这个项目。

(run out) Answer: They ran out of money and had to abandon the project. 5. 直到 1972 年这个建设项目才最终结束。

(It is not until ... that) Answer: It was not until 1972 that the construction project finally came to an end. 1. 这钢琴有些不对劲,但是我无法说清楚。

(put one's finger on) Answer: Something is wrong with the piano, but I can't put my finger on what it is. 2.这条裤子不但太大,而且也与我的夹克不相配。

(apart from) Answer: Apart from being too large, the trousers don't match my jacket, either.

3. 不论理由是什么,反正我喜欢流行音乐。

(whatever) Answer: I love pop music, for whatever reasons. 4. 他对外国文化怀有浓厚的兴趣,经常博览群书以寻找有用的信息。

(browse through) Answer: He has great interest in foreign cultures, often browsing through piles of books to look for any useful information. 5. 在是否要创办一个新社团的问题上, 我们意见很不一致。

(vary) Answer: Opinions on whether we should open up a new society vary a great deal. 1. 要去那座岛,除了搭船以外,别无他法。

(other than) Answer: You can't get to the island other than by boat. 2. 有些学生疯狂地迷恋流行音乐,而另外一些人则更喜欢经典音乐(classical)。

(while) Answer: Some students are crazy about pop music while others prefer classical music. 3. 传媒 (media) 在引领时尚方面正起着越来越重要的作用。

(play a ... role) Answer: The media are playing an increasingly important role in leading fashions and trends. 4. 我千方百计想弄到一张他新发行(issue)的唱片(album),却未能如愿。

(try every means) Answer: I tr every means to get a copy of his newly issued album, but failed.

5. 要是没有朋友的鼓励和帮助,我可能已经辍学了。

(If ... not / Without) Answer: Without the encouragement and help of my friends, I would have quit school. 1. 我已经把我的简历和附函传真给了那家公司,但尚未收到回复。

(résumé; cover letter; fax) Answer: I have faxed my résumé and a cover letter to that company, but I haven’t received a reply yet. 2. 当别人遇到困难时,约翰会毫不犹豫地帮助。

(not hesitate for a second) Answer: John will not hesitate for a second to offer help when others are in trouble. 3. 我得承认我很想到国外工作和学习一段时间,但我知道要拿到签证并不容易。

(admit; abroad; visa) Answer: I have to admit that I desire very much to work or study abroad for some time but I know it is not easy to get a visa. 4. 他到伦敦 2 年后才在一家国际银行找到一份工作。

(It was not until ... that ...) Answer: It was not until 2 years after he arrived in London that he found / took a job in an international bank. 5. 汤姆完成他的教学工作后,在中国周游了 2 个月才回到美国的家。

(travel throughout; before) Answer: After finishing his teaching, Tom traveled throughout China for 2 months before returning home in America. 1. 这是大学一年级新生第一次听美国教授的讲座,他们在头 20 分钟里听不太懂他在 说什么。

(have trouble doing sth.) Answer: It was the first time for the freshmen

to attend an American professor's lecture, and they had trouble understanding what he was talking about for the first twenty minutes. 2. 还剩 10 分钟, 既然你已经做完考题, 也可以现在交卷。

(now that) Answer: There are still ten minutes left. Now that you have finished your test you may hand it in now. 3. 为了不伤害任何人的感情,他们花了近 3 个月的时间才作出最后决定。

(it took ... before) Answer: It took them nearly three months before they made their final decisions without hurting anybody's feelings. 4. 要赶上世界先进科学技术,中国大学生在毕业前至少应学好一门外语。

(it is appropriate, keep up with) Answer: It is appropriate for Chinese college students to learn at least one foreign language before they graduate so that they can keep up with the world advanced science and technology. 5. 史密斯先生是一个勤奋的电影导演,同时也是一个有责任心的父亲。

(at the same time) Answer: Mr. Smith was a hard-working movie director and at the same time he was a responsible father.

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